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The first thing I need to say about LoCash Cowboys self-titled, debut album is ‘it’s about time’.  The duo, made up of Preston Brust and Chris Lucas, have been around for a while, putting two singles,  “Here Comes Summer” and “Keep in Mind,” in the Top 40 back in 2010.  They released more singles in 2011, 2012 and 2013, but none of them got as much air time as I think they should have.  As a result, not many people heard the songs or requested the songs to be played on the radio, and none of these songs did very well on national music charts.

This singer/songwriter team has had a Number 1 single, but it wasn’t something they recorded.  Keith Urban took “You Gonna Fly,” written by Preston and Chris, to the top of the charts, in 2012.  Tim McGraw had a Top 10 hit, “Truck Yeah,” also written by this duo.

Several songs LoCash Cowboys previously released as singles are also part of this new album, including my favorite, “Keep in Mind.”  I will never understand why this song peaked at No. 34 on Billboard’s country chart.  Well written, and certainly well performed, the song should have been a Number 1 hit for the duo.  It seems not enough radio stations picked the song up at the time of its release.

Other songs on the new album are “Chase a Little Love,” “You Make it Look Good,” “I Hope,” “Hey, Hey, Hey,” “Best Seat,” “Little Miss Crazy Hot,” “Bounce,” Love Drunk,” “Fine,” “Independent Trucker,”  and “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.”  Nine of the 12 songs were written or co-written by Chris and Preston.  George Jones is a featured guest vocalist on the song “Independent Trucker.”

This debut album comes just six months after the signing with their new label, Average Joes Entertainment.  Fans will find a little of everything in the music on this new CD.  A lot of the songs are about family and fun, some are flirty songs, and of course there are some of the high-energy songs you will hear at their stage shows.

Not surprising they included “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.”  and “Hey, Hey, Hey” on this new project.  These are two of the songs the duo has been performing for a long time.  Fans probably can’t think ‘LoCash’ without thinking ‘C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.’

I wasn’t a fan when I first heard LoCash Cowboys.  Their music was loud, and seemed to be more for the young country/rock fan than it was for the older, more traditional country music listener.  However, they won me over with “Keep in Mind,” and they are certainly keeping my attention with songs like “Chase a Little Love,” and “I Hope.”  Whatever you may be in the mood to listen to, they seem to have a song that will work for you.  I’ve seen them in concert several times, and if they are ever back in this area I will definitely see them again.  It didn’t take long for me. I went from ‘I don’t like them,” to “They’re ok,” to “I’m one of their biggest fans” in no time at all!

When I listen to a CD for the first time, I pick a favorite.  I didn’t think I would have to do that this time, because “Keep in Mind” is one of the songs on this new album, and because that will always be my favorite LoCash Cowboys song.  But I did pick a ‘second favorite.’  That honor is going to “I Hope.”

Preston tells his fans that what country music really boils down to is the power of the song.  His hope is that the group will be able to reach out to both the older and younger crowd.  One of the hopes for the duo was that this album contain songs that best define LoCash.  I think they accomplished that.

You can get all your LoCash Cowboy news by visiting their website at www.locashcowboys.com, and follow them on Twitter @locashcowboys.  Keep up with everything country music by visiting our website at www.countryschatter.com, and follow us on Twitter @countryschatter.


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Marty Raybon’s voice puts me into a comfort zone……. you know, like a nice warm snifter of something smooth after supper sittin’ by the fire. Or, slippin’ into your favorite flannel shirt after you’ve come in cold and wet from workin’ outside.

Maybe that comfortable feeling of mine is because that voice has been around so long, and I’ve never heard Marty sound anything but GOOD!

I knew goin’ in that I was going to like this CD, but, I didn’t know I was going to like it this much! WOW! What a recording this one is!

Marty produced this one himself, recording the instrumental tracks at Mojo Recording Studio, in Greenback, TN., with Josh Molen and Lewell Molen doing the engineering, mixing and mastering. For all of his lead vocal recordings, Marty went to Wishbone Studios, in Muscle Shoals, AL. He must have known exactly what he wanted, and where to go to get it, because, from a technical side, everything, instruments and vocals, all sound crystal clear, warm and rich. I love it when the microphone is up close and personal, like it is here, and you can hear the singer breathe. If you have headphones on, it’s almost like the artist is singing just to you…… Marty has that natural ability to convey his emotions in the most genuine way, and when his singing is matched by top quality equipment and technicians really listening for that magic in his voice, THIS recording is the result. I’ve never heard Marty’s voice sound better. Marty Lewis and Mike McGuire were the engineers waving their magic wands over these vocal tracks, and they did a wonderful job! Mike McGuire is Marty’s old friend and was the drummer for “Shenandoah.”

It’s not just Marty’s vocals that shine so well on this CD. It should be noted that Marty’s brother, Tim Raybon, handled all the harmony vocals. Tim and Marty sing together with an affinity for each other that is marvelous to hear. That “brotherly” intuitiveness shows up again! Listen to how they sound on “Only You, Only You,” and you’ll be as impressed as I am. The ending of the song has the voices moving with a powerful, almost gospel, movement that is simply beautiful to hear. For singers to sing like this, it takes years and years of working on breath control, diaphragm strength, vocal technique and ears listening to the nuances of each other….. OR….. just growin‘ up brothers singin‘ together will get the job done! Either way, Tim and Marty’s harmonies are exquisite!

Of the ten songs on this CD, Marty co-wrote five of them….. three of them with John Fountain. The afore mentioned “Only You, Only You,” which I do believe is my favorite song, the very first tune on the CD, “That Janie Baker,” and “A Little More Sawdust On The Floor.” Every one of them is a winner and qualify as single material. Marty and John definitely need to write together more, and as often as possible! “Janie Baker” is solid, wide open, full steam ahead bluegrass guaranteed to catch your interest. “Sawdust,” has a country, bar room feel that will have you lookin’ for a dance partner. The arrangement is pure bluegrass instrumentation, but the feel would fit just about any honky tonk juke box sittin’ right next to the dance floor. All three songs are lyrically picturesque and melodically catchy and memorable. I haven’t been able to stop humming “Only You” for about a week now! “The Big Burnsville Jail,” co-written with Thom Case and Michael Bonagura is as good an outlaw tale as I’ve heard in years. The defendant in question had more hutzpah, self-assured escape plans, AND self-indulgent ways to spend his ill gotten gains than Butch and Sundance ever thought of. Great lyrical story …… and maybe even a video! Lots of imagery to go with a fun song.

Read the rest of this great review at Presciption Bluegrass’s website here:  http://prescriptionbluegrassreviews.blogspot.com/2013/04/cd-review-marty-raybon-back-forty.html

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It’s no secret in the country music world, that Jerrod Niemann has found himself a lot of fans. His music can be a bit whimsical or even a bit nutty at times, and some is about as far from traditional country as you can get, but that didn’t stop him from putting a string of hits out on country radio. “Lover Lover,” “What Do You Want,” and “One More Drinking Song,” were all singles from Jerrod’s album, Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury.

The Judge has now given us another CD, full of songs that are sure to please his ever-growing fan base. My personal favorite, “Shinin’ On Me,’ was his first single from the new album. It got into the Top 20, and I was really surprised that it didn’t climb a lot higher.  That one is definitely a ‘feel good song.’ Every time I listen to this CD, I find myself going back to that song to listen to it again.

“Whiskey Kinda Way” and “I’ll Have to Kill the Pain” both have a traditional country sound, and give fans an opportunity to listen to the slower side of Jerrod. I could see either one of those songs released to country radio, and am really wondering why that hasn’t happened by now.

The second song from this album that Jerrod released to radio, was “Only God Could Love You More.” Jerrod co-wrote that one with Lee Brice and Jon Stone. It’s another slow one that gives Jerrod a great chance to show off his vocals.

“Honky Tonk Fever” puts me more in mind of what you might hear in a jazz club, or even a 1920s speakeasy. It’s really not country, but it really is good. It’s a fun song. The kind of song that makes you smile, but you really aren’t sure why. Jerrod wrote this one without any help from any of the great writers who co-wrote many of the other songs on this album.

Jerrod wrote or co-wrote every song on this album. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Jerrod’s name in the ‘written by’ line on upcoming albums by some of country music’s best known entertainers. In addition to writing the music on this album, Jerrod also co-produced the CD.

Here is the track list, with authors: Free the Music, Jerrod Niemann; Whiskey Kind  of Way, Jerrod Niemann, Randy Boudreaux; Get On Up, Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Jesse Clingan; I’ll Have to Kill the Pain, Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy, Arlos Smith; Only God Can Love You More, Jerrod Niemann, Jon Stone, Lee Brice; Shinin’ on Me, Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lee Brice, Lance Miller; Honky Tonk Fever, Jerrod Niemann; Guessing Games, Jerrod Niemann, J.R. McCoy; It Won’t Matter Anymore, Jerrod Niemann, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller; I’m All About You (featuring Colbie Caillat), Jerrod Niemann, Richie Brown; Real Women Drink Beer, Jerrod Niemann, Houston Phillips; and Fraction of a Man, Jerrod Niemann.

“This album is my interpretation of how I feel about country right now,” Jerrod said. “It’s a project honoring many different layers and colors that have appeared in the country genre since recorded music began.” Jerrod also explained that the pedal steel guitar wasn’t always in the country music picture, even though it has since come to define the genre.

When Jerrod was first starting, he did one tour of U.S. radio stations that brought him to Bristol’s Steel Creek Park, where he put on a free show of a crowd of fans that showed up to enjoy his music, and meet the artist. As so many artists do when they first get a song out on country radio, Jerrod was eager to spend a little time with his fans, signing autographs, posing for pictures, sharing his music, and pretty much giving everyone a chance to get to know who he is and what he does.

To keep up with what’s going on in Jerrod’s world, including upcoming shows, new videos, and new music, visit his web site www.JerrodNiemannOfficial.com, and follow him on Twitter @jrodfromoz (that’s Jerrod from Oz, he’s from Kansas). This will tell you just a bit about Jerrod’s sense of humor, too. In addition to following him on twitter, you can follow his bus. And the bus will answer your tweets, too. Just go to Twitter, and follow JerrodsBus.

Be sure to check our web site, too, www.countryschatter.com, and follow us on Twitter @countryschatter.


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Easton Corbin – All Over The Road



Artist: Easton Corbin

Album: “All Over the Road

Genre: Country Music

Easton Corbin’s sophomore album, “All Over the Road,” was released back in September, 2012.  By this time, all of his fans know the songs “Lovin’ You is Fun” and the album’s title track, “All Over the Road.” These two songs were released as singles, and both did well both on radio, and on the country charts.
But there are nine additional songs on this new CD that Easton’s fans are going to want to know about. As you will see from the list of song titles and the writers for each song, Easton does more than sing on this new album. He had a hand in writing two of the songs.
The first and second tracks are his the two he’s already released, All Over the Road (Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley, Wade Kriby); and Lovin’ You is Fun (Jim Beavers, Bob DiPiero).  The nine that follow are That’s Gonna Leave a Memory (Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, Roger Springer); Hearts Drawn in the Sand (Michael White, Jason Saenz); Dance Real Slow (Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley, Wade Kriby); A Thing for You (Easton Corbin, Carson Chamberlain, Tony Lane); Are You With Me (Tommy Lee James, Terry McBride, Shane McAnally); This Feels A Lot Like Love (Easton Corbin, Carson Chamberlain, Mark D. Sanders); Only A Girl (Carson Chamberlain, Wade Kirby, Will Nance); Tulsa, Texas Tony Lane, Mike Lane, David Lee); and I Think of You (Thom Shepherd, Jeff Silvey).
Since Easton first released “A Little More Country Than That,” back in 2009, people have been comparing his voice to George Strait. In fact, when hearing his debut single for the first time, a lot of folks thought it was actually an old George Strait song, and that George was singing it. While that is an easy comparison to make, you will hear a lot this new CD that is unmistakably Easton. “Only A Girl,” however, is the one on the new album that instantly reminds the listener of George.
 “A Thing for You,” is one Easton had a hand in writing. It is one of my favorites on this album, with the kind of lyrics that make you want to listen, and not miss even one word. ‘Farmers farm and painters paint, God is good, and the devil ain’t… Summers hot and sidewalks crack, don’t ask me why it goes like that…” You’ve made your point, Easton, it just doesn’t get any more country than that.
“Are You With Me,” the albums sixth track, does slow things way down for listeners. I know country music fans pay a lot of attention to lyrics. I go to concerts, I hear them singing along. This is one I am sure they will play close attention to, and they will remember the words.
Things speed back up with “This Feels A Lot Like Love.” When that song starts, you are probably going to want to get out of your seat, start clapping your hands, and you will most likely want to sing along. It is the kind of song that works for Easton, and I believe it would make a good single.
The Florida native has a lot to say in this album. He has a good mix of strong ballads and more than likeable mid-tempo music. Whoever put the songs in order for the CD ended with “I Think of You.” This slow song with its romantic lyrics definitely made it the right song for the final spot on the album.
Even though is first single made it to No. 1 on the country music charts, he seems to have a more confident sound now than when his career first began. He has definitely found his place in country music, and it looks like he will be part of the industry for many years to come.
If you haven’t had an opportunity to see Easton in concert, you can keep up with his show schedule on his web site www.eastoncorbin.com. His web site will also point you in the direction of his facebook and Twitter account. Whenever you have time to catch up on country music news, visit us at www.countryschatter.com.

Author:  Country of Country’s Chatter – www.CountrysChatter.com 

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