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Jason Rogers - CEO of Music Charts Magazine INC


 Jason Rogers

COO ( Chief Operations Officer )

– Jim Richardson

More MCM Staff will be listed in the upcoming days.  We all are excited as we are merely starting Music Charts Magazine™ and MCM has already had so much world wide attention.  Thank you to all the radio stations who have been so encouraging and easy to work with.  – MCM Staff

Jazz Album Reviews and Jazz Book Reviews:          

Benjamin Franklin V of Music Charts Magazine® - Jazz Book Reviews - CD Reviews - University of South Carolina - English Department

Benjamin Franklin V


Gear Reviews:

Gear Reviews with Clifford Hughes at Music Charts Magazine®

Clifford Hughes

Country Album Reviews:

Donna Rea - Music Charts Magazine® Country Music CD Reviews

Donna Rea ( )


Bluegrass Album Reviews:

Brian McNeal  ( )

Celebrity, Exclusive & Independent Audio Interviews:

Big Al Weekley

– Award Winning DJ and interviewer to the Stars.

Diane Davis

Diane Davis - Music Charts Magazine® - Celebrity Interviewer - All Genres

– Diane is our newest addition to the Music Charts Magazine’s staff.  We are excited to have her aboard.  Diane is well versed in radio and has worked for years off and on doing various radio programs for WDKN in Dickson, TN.  We will update Music Charts Magazie Fans soon with a Bio on Diane Davis so you can get to know her.  Diane has already done some great Celebrity Interviews including Darren Dowler, George Thomsco of The Fireballs, Eddie Money, Jerry Jarrett and so many more.

Jack Blanchard’s Column:

Jack Blanchard - Music Charts Magazine® - Writer - Singer - Songwriter

Jack Blanchard  (