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New Music Releases contain audio interviews with singers from various genres whom have recently released new CD’s, an Album or Single.

Music Charts Magazine will sit down with the music artist and go over a track or several tracks of a new album and give you the inside scoop, or as we call it “The who?, what?, when?, where? and why?”

Greg "Spanky" Moore - Hollow Rhythm - NEW CD Release - Music Charts Magazine Interview - BluegrassGreg “Spanky” Moore picked up his first fiddle at the age of 5, and you’d have been shocked to run into him a day since without it in his hands. He instantly developed a love and respect for the fiddle and bluegrass music. Greg dedicates his success to his Grandpa Moore. His Grandpa not only taught him how to play but also introduced a young Greg to the live music genre by taking him to festivals starting when he was only one year old. It’s no wonder the bluegrass bug bit Greg Moore and bit him hard! 

Greg has played with many highly respected bluegrass musicians and bands already. His first professional job was with Dave Evans and Riverbend at just 18 years old. He then went on to play with Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, the James King Band, Tony Holt and the Wildwood Boys, and Melvin Goins, to name a few. Most recently, Moore played fiddle for Remington Ryde, a band based out of Pennsylvania.

Greg and his wife, Deena, whom he also calls his best friend, enjoy spending time together outdoors, fishing, with family and friends, and if you ask him he will tell you, he intends to play traditional bluegrass fiddle forever!



Edgar Loudermilk - Music Charts Magazine® New Releases - Georgia Maple - Bluegrass musicAbout Edgar:

Influenced greatly by his father and grandfather, Edgar Loudermilk cut his teeth on bluegrass by learning to play bass to the legendary record, “Bluegrass Album Band Volume 1” record.  Surrounded by music at an early age, he was only nine when he began playing bass in his family’s band, Loudermilk was also exposed to the great music of some of his famous relatives, The Louvin Brothers.  He continued to play in his family’s band until he was 20 years oldwhen he joined a group called Carolina Crossfire.  The band had quite a following in the Georgia area and it wasn’t long before he decided to expand his options and try his hand at playing professionally, a decision that has made him a staple for elite artists in bluegrass music.  In 2001, Loudermilk auditioned for, and was hired by Rhonda Vincent. About a year later, he was encouraged to audition for one of the greatest voices in country music who he had heard was making a move to bluegrass.  In December of that year, Loudermilk became the bass player and tenor singer in the newly formed group Full Circle and would back up Marty Raybon for almost five years.


“I really enjoyed playing with Rhonda and Marty,” stated Loudermilk.  “My first professional job was with Rhonda and I learned so much from her.  Working with Marty was really a great experience because we not only played bluegrass, but we got to play some of the old Shenandoah music, too.”




In 2006, Loudermilk heard that Ray Deaton was leaving IIIrd Tyme Out and that opened up a whole new prospect for the bass-playing singer.  “I’d been singing tenor for Rhonda and Marty and knowing that Ray was a great bass singer, I practiced really hard for that audition with Russell.”  Loudermilk became the newest member of IIIrd Tyme Out, replacing Deaton in July, 2007.  “I really love the music of this band,” stated Loudermilk.  “Singing with Russell Moore is the compliment of my life because I don’t believe there’s a better singer anywhere.”


Edgar’s solo album, Roads Travelled, not only showcases his vocal talents and his solid bass playing, but also his songwriting skills, having written or co-written each of the 12 tracks on the project.  In addition, he calls on the talents of his musician friends and bosses, former and current, as well.  Accompanied by Tim Crouch; fiddle, Randy Kohrs; Dobro, Scott Haas; banjo and former Full Circle bandmates Ashby Frank; mandolin and Shane Blackwell; guitar, the musicianship on the CD is second to none.  Guest vocalists include Marty Raybon, (duet on “Roads Travelled”),Cia Cherryholmes (duet on “It Just Might”), Rhonda Vincent (duet on “Can’t Live Life”), Russell Moore, Randy Kohrs and another former Full Circle band-mate, Glenn Harrell.

Edgar also wrote all 15 songs on on his October 2013 Mountain Fever Records’ release, My Big Chance Tomorrow. The album appeared on numerous radio charts and also appeared on the Roots Music Report’s Top 100 Bluegrass Albums of 2014 chart. His strong, confident bass playing, and vocal prowess is the foundation for this solid record.

In November 2013, Edgar joined Dave Adkins to form the new duo, Adkins & Loudermilk.  Mountain Fever Records released their debut album on March 17, 2015 and since that time, the album has hit numerous Album and Singles charts including “Georgia Mountain Man” which Edgar wrote about his Grandfather.

On the trail on the highly successful A&L album, Edgar has struck out on his own with a solo project that he is very excited about. He is working with a new band called Edgar Loudermilk Band, Featuring Jeff Autry, and although the band name may be new, all of the members have played together for quite some time and have quite a chemistry and stage dynamic. Edgar’s former A&L bandmates, Jeff Autry (featured guitar player), Glen Crain (dobro) and Zack Autry (mandolin), complete his current band. They have just finished recording Edgar’s next album, titled “Georgia Maple” due out in July 2016, along with banjo picker, Chris Wade and are booked solid all over the United States and Canada throughout the remainder of 2016.

Look for these boys out on the road in 2016 and 2017, they won’t be hard to find with their busy tour schedule coast to coast!


Georgia Maple - Edgar Loudermik - New Music Releases by Music Charts Magazine®



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Nu-Blu - All The Way - New Releases - Bluegrass - Music Charts Magazine - Jesus and Jones - Audio InterviewNu-Blu – an audio interview with Music Charts Magazine’s Big Al Weekley.

Push play and listen in as Big Al Weekley and Carolyn Routh discuss the new release of Nu-Blu’s new Album “All The Way”.







“With this new project we are going all the way by stepping outside of genre boundaries and letting our fusion of musical tastes and interpretations guide us like never before,” says lead singer Carolyn Routh.

To step out and decide to make a living in music takes a tremendous leap of personal and professional courage. For Daniel and Carolyn Routh, however, the husband-and-wife team that founded Nu-Blu, it became a necessity, the way to maintain the life-giving force of their music. Today, even as they continue to grow and reach loftier and bigger goals, they have reason to celebrate: the release of their new project, All The Way, released through Rural Rhythm Records. The album is fueled by the George Jones inspired song “Jesus and Jones,” which has gained attention and exposure nationally across multiple genres.

Nu-Blu, based in Siler City in central North Carolina, is comprised of Carolyn, who handles bass and vocals; Levi Austin on vocals and banjo; Austin Koerner, on mandolin; and Daniel, who is the band’s Renaissance Man – guitarist, singer, manager, and tour coordinator, among many other roles. The group brings its lively and entertaining version of Americana-bluegrass music to audiences across the nation year-round. Their sound acknowledges the traditional institutions that have shaped it, yet is innovative and daring enough to bring a fresh sparkle to contemporary acoustic music that lands them squarely in the forefront of bands blazing the trail in acoustic entertainment. Influences range from the sounds of original bluegrass pioneers like Earl Scruggs, Jimmy Martin and Lester Flatt to rock bands of the 1980’s, and modern contemporary sounds such as Alison Krauss and Union Station. Carolyn’s soprano vocal approach might be described as similar to Ms. Krauss, except she carries a phrasing and emotional elegance that shows a clear originality. Daniel and Levi provide inventive singing to fill out the vocal sound, while all four members present instrumental prowess to impress.

Nu-Blu started back in September 2003 after Carolyn and Daniel, who had played for years in different genres both Nu-Blu - All The Way - New Releases - Bluegrass-A-Music Charts Magazine - Audio Interviewseparately and together, decided to devote their efforts to forming Nu-Blu. Despite challenges that included numerous personnel changes, the folding of their original record label, and even a stroke that left Carolyn unable to speak or move her right side, the Rouths were determined to make Nu-Blu a full-time vehicle for them to bring music to their fans.  With the addition of Levi in 2007 and Austin in 2011, the magical sound of Nu-Blu was complete, and as the group continues to build a national fan base, audiences are listening.  The band is finding itself more and more at home on the radio charts, most recently with the evocative “Jesus and Jones.” The stage is now set for the group to continue its chart trend with the songs from All The Way.

What’s ahead for Nu-Blu? Plenty, you may believe that. Every year, the band logs more miles on the road than the year before, plays more shows than the year before, sleeps more nights on the bus than the year before. But for Daniel, Carolyn, Levi and Austin, it’s not a chore, it’s a way of life. It’s not slogging from one venue to the next, it’s another opportunity to touch their audiences’ lives with music, that great universal bond which closes the gaps of humanity and brings lightness to hearts, smiles to faces and redemption to souls.

“If we can touch somebody on a deep level,” says Daniel Routh, “and create a moment for them that they always will remember and entertains them, that’s gold. If we can say to someone,‘Hey, check this out. If you like this, you’re probably going to like bluegrass!”  Really that’s why we’re here.”