first week

Weekender Hey! Say! JUMP

first week


Excuse Me (Japanese Ver.) B.A.P

first week



first week


Oretachi no Celebration (俺たちのセ… Porno Graffitti

-4 (1)

2 weeks


Kokoro no Placard (心のプラカード… AKB48

  • 6.

“Free! -Eternal Summer- (Anime)&quo… Mamoru Miyano

first week


Kimi to ItaNasu IDOLING NEO

+13 (21)

6 weeks


BukiyouTaiyou (不器用太陽) SKE48

  • 9.

“Free! -Eternal Summer- (Anime)&quo… Daisuke Hirakawa

  • 10.

“Free! -Eternal Summer- (Anime)&quo… TsubasaYonaga

first week



first week


Phantom Pain T.M. Revolution

first week


Zessho! Naniwa de umare ta shojotachiTakoyaki Rainbow

first week


イム(Mime) Plastic Tree

+11 (26)

9 weeks


Natsu no Free&Easy (夏のFree&Easy) Nogizaka46

  • 16.

Namida No Ato Ga Kieru Koro V6

-5 (12)

3 weeks


ーラの傷だらけ(laura no kizuda… Golden Bomber

  • 18.

KaikyouMisakiYukino Ichikawa

first week


Mirror Rei Yasuda

  • 20.

Uta No Prince Sama Quartet Idol Song ShotaroMorikubo, Ta…

  • 21.

Geragerapo No Uta King Cream Soda

-15 (7)

2 weeks


Enamel SID

-8 (15)

4 weeks


Another Future Kis-My-Ft2


5 weeks


Top Of The World SMAP

  • 25.

Koi No Tehon Keisuke Yamauchi

  • 26.

Hana WaOdoreyaIrohaniho Team Hanayamata

  • 27.

Dream On Koji Kikkawa

first week



-23 (6)

2 weeks


Mamma Mia! (マンマミーア!) KARA

-10 (20)

3 weeks




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