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Misty and I are “Lifetime” CMA members,
so artists who are up for awards send us free CD’s to get our votes.

We just listened to two stars, a male and a female.
Her music is “bubble gum”, directed at 12 year old girls.

He is a good singer, but his recordings are produced to death.
No feeling of real humans in a studio.
His arrangements are tricky and full of hooks,
but the lyrics have no depth.
They are today’s “Sh-boom Sh-boom”.

These are super stars. not beginners.
If their heart and dreams were in there you could hear it.
They are making junk for a demographic that likes junk.

If I’m ever a 12 year old girl I might vote,
but I doubt it.

Jack Blanchard.

© 10/18/2014.

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