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“Big Al Weekley”


Big Al Weekley - WMJD - Grundy - Virginia - 100 point 7 FM and 99 point 3 FM - WMJDradio dot com

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Big Al – KRVN 880 AM Rural Radio – WOTR FM 96.3 FM – WMJD 100.7 FM & 99.3 FM










Congratulations goes out to “Big Al Weekley” for his recent induction into the Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame 2013.



Big Al Weekley





In West Virginia “The Big Al Bluegrass Show” can be listened to every week on WOTR 96.3 FM. Weston, WV.



WMJD - Double Barrel Country - 100-7 FM - Grundy - VA


“The Big Al Bluegrass Show” in Virginia every week on WMJD 100.7 FM Grundy, VA & 99.3 FM Skeggs, VA.










Listen to The Big Al Bluegrass Show every week at the shows flagship station where the 50,000 watt AM torch glows the skies of Nebraska and beyond.






The Big Al Bluegrass Show # 233 “Merry Christmas 2015!”

~ December 19th, 2015