Song America at DNC July 2016

This song was sung by 3 champions. I say champions for a reason. I have worked in the music industry for roughly two decades. I have worked with some of America’s biggest celebrities and have spent many a nights also hearing the world’s worst karaoke. Who could sing like this though after 4 years of practicing for this planned big night?, and who at the Democratic convention was in charge of the music programming??? Nothing to do with the political message of either party. I have watched both events, all days, every minute of it. My opinion – The Republican Party’s ( #RNC ) organized an event that “musically” blew the funeral tunes of the Democratic party’s ( #DNC ) completely out of the water.

~ Jason Rogers

CEO/Editor in Chief of Music Charts Magazine, INC

Email: JasonRogers@MusicChartsMagazine.com





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