Christian Music Charts

Here are some of the basics:

You might wonder where are the charts?


Like all good things done right – this will take some time.


What will your charts be based off of you ask?


They will be based off of “100% Radio Play” only from AM & FM radio stations that report to Music Charts Magazine.  Stations can report to whom ever they want but our charts will be based off of only the radio stations that report to us.  All AM & FM radio stations are welcome.



I am an AM or FM radio station – how do I send my reports to you? – and what do we require?


In order to have your station become part of Music Charts Magazine’s Music Charts please do the following for now..

Send an email to

Email your call letters, name of person reporting from your station, and the genre of music your station plays.

It’s simple:  we want your weekly top 10 plays – the artist name, the name of the song, and how many spins those top 10 songs received.


What is the deadline for your station to have these in?


Friday at midnight every week.  Week is based off of Friday through Thursday radio spins.  Charts will appear on Monday mornings.

If you don’t make the weekly Friday midnight deadline your plays will not be counted on that upcoming weeks chart – when this occurs – no problem – you can pick up the next week.


Why should I be part of Music Charts Magazine?


To recreate a old simplistic system for the industry which benefits “ALL” AM & FM radio stations, radio promoters, Major & Independent artist(s) and the music industry as a whole.


So what are you waiting for?


Don’t wait – start helping Music Charts Magazine now by sending those weekly reports and we will get to work for you.  Be part of something new and long lasting.



Music Charts Magazine ( USA ) is now asking “Canadian & European radio stations” to email your weekly reports too.  

MCM’s Charts in time will have local, regional, national and international music charts in various genres.