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Patsy Cline - Full length audio documentary slash interview on the life of Patsy Cline - Special guests include Patsy Clines husband Charlie Dick and Patsys good friend George Riddle


A Music Charts Magazine® Patsy Cline documentary/ interview (audio)

– Interviewing done by radio DJ Big Al Weekley

We all love Patsy Cline. She is a legend known throughout the entire country music industry that has placed herself in the hearts of music lovers of all genres around the world. Music Charts Magazine® has brought to you a one of a kind Patsy Cline documentary/ interview. Listen to this interview and take a look into the life of Patsy Cline in a very in-depth way.

We here at Music Charts Magazine® would like to thank Patsy Cline’s husband Charlie Dick for helping us put this special radio show together and sharing some of his very personal stories about Patsy. We would also like to thank Charlie Dick and Patsy Cline’s good friend George Riddle for playing a role in this documentary/ interview. George Riddle ate breakfast with Patsy Cline the morning of her plane crash on March 5th, 1963. Join us here at Music Charts Magazine® as we celebrate the life of the legend, Patsy Cline. Thank you Charlie Dick and George Riddle.

~ March 5th, 2014 (interview date)

Part 1 is Charlie Dick (Patsy Cline’s husband) & Part 2 is with George Riddle.





George Riddle really adds to this wonderful Patsy Cline documentary/audio interview in Part 2.  For those of you who don’t know George Riddle, he was known for many things.  One of those great things was forming The Jones Boys who were the touring band from the beginnings of country music legend George Jones.  As I recall the story, at a hotel one night in Nashville, TN George Jones was lying on his back in a bed singing and playing on his guitar with many people around him listening and watching.  This was before Jones struck it big with the song “White Lightning”.  George Riddle happened to walk by Jones’s room and hear him singing.  Riddle liked what he heard.  He proceeded to go into that room and ended up harmonizing with Jones.  The two kicked it off and Jones asked Riddle to go on the road with him. Jones had been drinking and Riddle thought Jones was messing with him so he went back to his hotel room.  Riddle got a phone call not long after getting back to his hotel room and it was George Jones on the phone telling him to come on back and sing with him.  The rest, is music history. 

George Riddle spent many of his latter years playing the Grand Ole Opry with Country Music Hall Of Famer Bill Carlisle.

“I was saddened to hear of the passing of George Riddle (September 1, 1935 — July 20, 2014).  Although my time in knowing him was not as long as I would have liked it to be, I enjoyed every moment of our conversations.  He was truly the kindest of men.”

Jason Rogers – CEO/Editor in Chief of Music Charts Magazine, INC


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