George Riddle - left - and George Jones - rightMusic Charts Magazine remembers .  (September 1, 1935 – July 19, 2014)
Patsy Cline’s husband, Charlie Dick introduced me to George Riddle several months ago and it was such a pleasure to meet a man who had lived such an interesting musical history.  From eating with Patsy Cline the morning of her plane crash and being a family friend to how he met and became Jones’s tenor singer.  It was a honor to know George Riddle and an honor to have him interview with us here at Music Charts Magazine in 2014.  We are unsure but this may have been George Riddle’s last interview.  Listen as Big Al Weekley talks with George Riddle and they both remember the great  .  You can also hear George Riddle in Part 2 of the Patsy Cline documentary at Music Charts Magazine’s website.
I hope you enjoy this interview with George Riddle as much as we enjoyed speaking with him.  We will remember you George Riddle.
~ Jason Rogers
CEO/Editor in Chief of Music Charts Magazine, INC
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Music Charts Magazine® presents an Exclusive (audio interview) with – “George Riddle” paying tribute and remembering the Great George Jones

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