Music Charts Magazine Presents – “NEW DISCOVERY” – “Kristi Miller” – for the month of August 2013.

Looking for some “New” music to add to your player and can’t find anything that blows you away?

Check out this Music Charts Magazine “NEW DISCOVERY” Interview with “Kristi Miller” and be prepared to be excited knowing there is still 100% awesome music out there that you still have not heard.

After you listen to this great interview showing you the ins and outs of Kristi Miller ( a girl that hails from the Great State of Kentucky ), we are sure you will be glad you found this “New Discovery” to add to your music playlist. 

For booking, interviews, or just to say Hi!  Contact Kristi Miller at her website:

Music Charts Magazine proudly presents NEW DISCOVERY” for the month of August 2013 “Kristi Miller

LISTEN To “NEW DISCOVERY” Interview with Kristi Miller HERE:

Music Charts Magazine Present “New Discovery” Kristi Miller – Interview by Big Al Weekley





















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