Kayla Calabrese - Music Charts Magazine® Proudly Presents NEW DISCOVERY for the month of January 2015Music Charts Magazine® Presents – “NEW DISCOVERY” – “Kayla Calabrese“- for the month of January 2015.

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This New Jersey girl turned Tennessean has chased her dreams to Music City USA Nashville, TN.  Like so many before her, Kayla Calabrese wants to gain the attention of music’s industry and fans.  Kayla Calabrese is Music Charts Magazine’s January 2015 NEW DISCOVERY and we are happy to have a pure Italian blooded Country music singer aboard the Music Charts Magazine Ship.  Stay tuned to watch Kayla’s career grow and we will too.

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 Kayla Calabrese - January 2015 - Music Charts Magazine® Proudly Presents NEW DISCOVERY

Kayla Calabrese, country’s newest fierce full-blood Italian and hopeless romantic, brings presteige beyond her years to the present female country mold. This Jersey girl brings vulnerability, strength and determination along with the New Jersey spirit and attitude to her music.

“I didn’t grow up singing, I actually thought country music was not ‘cool’ ,” laughs Kayla. This ambitious girl had many different dream jobs from being a veterinarian, to a doctor, to even a police officer. Deep down this hopeful artist wanted to let her inner star shine, so any chance she got, this sly girl would grab her mother’s video recorder and tape herself singing, watch it, and erase it before anyone else for the chance to see it.

“One of my favorite singers is Martina McBride” smiles Kayla. “My mom and I went on a scavenger hunt to find some tickets to a Martina McBride show. We went all over Reading, PA and finally figured out that they were in a CVS. I ran inside and found the tickets behind some greeting cards. My mom and I started jumping up and down screaming. Some random people joined us and said, ‘We don’t know why you are so excited, but we are excited too!’ It was so much fun to find those tickets!”

At age 16 while in the Big Apple watching the original cast of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre, Kayla’s secret dream became a reality. Captivated by the singing and pure joy that was shown through the performance, Kayla wanted to begin the chase for her dream. No longer bound by a secret dream Kayla asked her mother for voice lessons and at 17 the journey began.

Shortly after Kayla, her dog Abbie, and her country stardom dreams headed south to Nashville. With encouragement from Renegade Radio Nashville founder Captain Jack, Kayla mustered up the courage to seek help from renowned music producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Neal McCoy). “Kent taught me so many things that I did not even realize I needed to know about music and recording.” recalled Kayla.

The process of producing Kayla’s first EP began in February of 2012 with getting her songs written. She finished writing her 6 song EP, the last song ‘Did You Feel That’ was finished at 11pm the night before she began. “I love how so many country songs tell a story, so I was excited when Kent wanted to put this song on the EP because it was my story-telling song.” said Kayla. After almost a year of production this self-motivated young woman has her first EP and her current single “Kiss Me” is currently on country radio.

In the midst of chasing her dream, this hard working and tenacious girl attended school at Belmont University. Along with school and singing, Kayla worked as a nurse’s tech at Baptist Hospital and as a gymnastics teacher. This past May, Kayla graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She recently passed her state licensing exam, meaning she is Kayla Calabrese-RN!

Kayla’s dream nursing job would be to work in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She and her twin brother, Ryan, were both preemies. Weighing only 3lbs 9oz when she was born, Kayla has a soft spot for premature babies. Sweet-hearted Kayla loves knowing that she is making a difference in someone’s life and that is why nursing suits her well.

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys being outside. Growing up only 20 minutes from the beach she loves the water and the sand. She also enjoys living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Making sure she works out, eats several small balanced meals throughout the day, and drinking pleanty of water is very important to her daily lifestyle. Even though being healthy is important, sometimes this Italian girl likes to splurge on her favorite dishes. “If I go home for a visit the first thing I get to eat is thin crust pizza! I also love to go to Carmine’s in New York City for their raviolo dish!” Kayla also enjoys cooking her native Italian food. “One time I was making lasagna for my old boyfriend and myself and it didn’t exactly turn out like I thought. I had worked on it all day and was about to get it out of the oven when he asked ‘do you need some help?’ Being the independent person I am, I said ‘no’ and went to get the tin pan out of the oven. The minute I pulled the pan out of the oven it caved in and collapsed all over the floor. All I could do was laugh. We ate it anyway and it was delicious.”

Even though Kayla misses everything about home: her two brothers, her parents, the Jersey Shore, and her friends, Kayla knows that this move was exactly what she needed. “I’m an Italian country singer from New Jersey, that’s what makes me different,” smiles Kayla. Excited about continuing this journey, the dynamic vibrant country songstress is underway in making all of her dreams come true.


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Music Charts Magazine® proudly presents NEW DISCOVERY for the month of January 2015 “Kayla Calabresefeature song – Kiss Me


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Music Charts Magazine® Presents “New Discovery” Kaya Calabrese featuring the song “Kiss Me” – Interview by Award winning DJ Big Al Weekley




Music Charts Magazine® Presents January’s NEW DISCOVERY “Kayla Calabrese” – Interview by Big Al Weekley

Music Charts Magazine® Proudly Presents NEW DISCOVERY Kayla Calabrese for the month of January 2015 



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