Paul Schiminger Executive Director of IBMA - International Bluegrass Music Association - Music Charts Magazine® audio interview July 2015


Paul J. Schiminger

Executive Director of IBMA

International Bluegrass Music Association


Music Charts Magazine® from its beginning has sought to bring to you the truest history of music in different genres from industry professionals in all fields of music.

Big Al Weekley joined us as a Music Charts Magazine® partner not long after its formation.  In the process he brought his love of Bluegrass music with him.  With an encyclopedia of knowledge in Country, Bluegrass & Gospel music Big Al quickly updated us on the Bluegrass world, its history, and all it had to offer.

We since then have interviewed The Roys (, Driven (, Mac Wiseman, Larry Sparks (, Rhonda Vincent ( and so many others.  It has been a joy to learn about Bluegrass music, its history, and its growing popularity across the world.  Music Charts Magazine® with the guidance of Big Al started celebrating “International Bluegrass Month of May” three years ago.  During the month of May we feature some of the best in Bluegrass DJ’s and the shows on which they work hard to share their love of Bluegrass.  We have had the honor to work with Judith Burnette “Blue Ridge Backroads”, Darwin Davidson “BronzeWound”, Tim White “The Tim White Bluegrass Show”, Charlie Hall “Bluegrass Express” and of course Big Al Weekley “The Big Al Bluegrass Show”.

Big Al Weekley, who was a Top 5 Bluegrass Broadcaster of the Year at the IBMA Awards this past 2014, is honored to do this interview as his passion for Bluegrass music and its history is like that of Paul Schiminger’s.

Paul is a Certified Investment Management Analyst.  With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from James Madison University in Virginia, and a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland we know Paul Schiminger is up for his new job with the IBMA and along with his love of Bluegrass will fill the position and take the role to new heights.

Join Big Al Weekley and Paul Schiminger in this interview as they discuss Paul’s new career, his vision for the IBMA, and of course the 2015 IBMA Awards Show that will be held Thursday, October 1, 2015 at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Memorial Hall in Raleigh, NC.



Paul is not just some financial wizard that crunches numbers all day.. he is a fan of Bluegrass music, he has a heart for Bluegrass music and he also has a love for playing Bluegrass music.

Don’t take it as a fact but we have heard rumors at Music Charts Magazine® that the last time Paul picked up a banjo he played so fast sparks flew off the strings and they burnt a small hole in the ozone layer.  We figure that’s just more rays of sunlight Schiminger is letting in to shine on the IBMA.




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