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Well, I’m home from the hospital today today.
My problem was internal bleeding. I lost several pints of blood.
Anyway, they fixed it, at least for now.
Everybody that worked at the hospital was just like family,
without the arguments. 

They took me in an ambulance Monday night and threw me out today.
During all that time I ate practically nothing
and slept about an hour and a half each day.
Misty took great care of me, as always.

The food was great but I had no appetite and couldn’t eat it.
They checked me from head to toe with a colonoscopy
and many other tests.
They found and fixed a couple of things.
No cancer or anything deadly.

Seriously, I was worried about cancer.
It was a very rough four days,
hooked up to wires, tubes, and a five pound heart monitor.

The best part was being under general anesthetic for an hour.
Endless tests and treatments in all hours of the day and night.
And I’ve hated wearing gowns ever since the prom.

They say that every once in a while my heart does a little dance step
for about five seconds.
I think it’s just going from the chorus to the bridge.

Three cardiologists told me that my occasional irregular heartbeat
was nothing to worry about… that almost everybody has it.
So why did they give me a prescription for it?

Three nurses were actually arguing
about which one would give me the suppository.
To keep the peace, I did it myself.

Today I got home and found over a thousand emails on my mail page,
and hundreds of comments and “likes” on Facebook.
I can’t thank each of you individually, but I’m saying this now to all of you:
Thank you so much for caring!
You’ve brightened a dark week.

Jack Blanchard

© 10/10/2014.

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