Cole Swindell - A Music Charts Magazine® Country Music Album ReviewCole Swindell recently released his self-titled, debut album. This is a CD fans have been waiting for since Cole's first single, "Chillin' It", started climbing to the top of country music charts. That single has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and Music Canada.

Northeast Tennessee fans had an opportunity to see Cole in concert, when he opened for his Georgia Southern University fraternity brother, Luke Bryan, at Thompson-Bolling Arena in Knoxville. Luke had something to do with Cole's start in country music. For three years, Cole Swindell was Luke's merchandise guy, selling Luke Bryan CDs and tee-shirts at all of his shows. 

Cole is about as normal, and down-to-earth as any neighborhood kid in a ball cap. He said that he didn't think he was cut out to be an artist. "I was worried I didn't have a cool story, cause I didn't start off singing when I was a kid," Cole said. But for Cole, the story of his college years and not being a superstar as a child isn't nearly as important as the story he tells with his music.

Like most of today's country artists, Cole didn't just wake up one morning and find himself a success. He has been working at this for more than six years, and has spent a lot of time writing. One of the hits he co-wrote was "This is How I Roll", with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

He tells us that "Hey Y'all is a song he has been opening his live shows with. It's a fun song, and one he said came from an idea he had watching concerts. "I can imagine being in an arena and singing a song and making everyone wave, and thought this was just a cool, party song. It has good lines that I think people will remember," Cole said.

"I Just Want You" is the one Cole describes as the love song on this album. He co-wrote this one with Luke Bryan and Michael Carter. Cole said it's a special song to him, it is just 'straight-up feelings, nothing about back roads or moonlight. The song is from an artist’s point of view, but Cole believes it could really be sung by any guy to his girl. It's about love, and trust.

About his current hit, “Chillin’ It”, Cole said there wasn't really much of a story behind that one. He came up with a title, took it to his co-writer. They got the melody and one line, and just went from there.

The 12 songs on Cole's new album are Hey Y'all, Chillin' It, Swayin', Hope You Get Lonely Tonight, Let Me See Ya Girl, Ain't Worth the Whiskey, Brought To You By Beer, I Just Want You, Get Up, A Dozen Roses and a Six Pack, Down Home Boys and The Back Roads and the Back Row.

All of the music on this CD is good. The music is modern enough that radio stations playing country music’s Top 40 will air it, but it is still close enough to real country that traditional country music fans will enjoy it.

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