The Queen of England, Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have all enjoyed being in the presence of the iconic country music legend Lynn Anderson.

Whether you have heard Lynn Anderson and Johnny Cash doing the duet “I’ve Been Everywhere” or have seen Lynn Anderson as a regular on The Lawrence Welk Show, most of the world has seen her and Lynn holds a place in the hearts of all true country artists and fans.

The Brady Bunch TV Show featured Lynn Anderson and if you need proof just ask Marsha Brady and she will tell you all about it.  

Lynn Anderson is the 1st female to sell out Madison Square Gardens and CMT (Country Music Television) rates Lynn Anderson as #29 out of the Top 40 most powerful women in country music.  Lynn Anderson was actually the 1st female country singer to be on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson – very impressive.  Lynn was named “Top Female Vocalist” by the Academy of Country Music twice.

Bob Hope, being on Starsky and Hutch, Karen Carpenter, Mega Hit Grammy Award Winner, the list just goes on and on of amazing things this Lady has accomplished.

What makes Lynn Anderson unique beyond her many accomplishments is that she is a pure hearted country girl, whom is kind, pleasing to talk with, and very much does all she can to please and love on her fans.

Some of Lynn Anderson’s hit songs are – Top Of The World – 1973, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden – 1970, Your My Man, Cry – 1972 and Ride, Ride, Ride, – 1967

We hope you enjoy this almost one hour Celebrity Interview as we enjoyed so much doing here at Music Charts Magazine.  Lynn Anderson is not only The Great Lady of Country Music but just plain and simply put a Great Lady in general!

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