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Greg "Spanky" Moore - Hollow Rhythm - NEW CD Release - Music Charts Magazine Interview - BluegrassGreg “Spanky” Moore picked up his first fiddle at the age of 5, and you’d have been shocked to run into him a day since without it in his hands. He instantly developed a love and respect for the fiddle and bluegrass music. Greg dedicates his success to his Grandpa Moore. His Grandpa not only taught him how to play but also introduced a young Greg to the live music genre by taking him to festivals starting when he was only one year old. It’s no wonder the bluegrass bug bit Greg Moore and bit him hard! 

Greg has played with many highly respected bluegrass musicians and bands already. His first professional job was with Dave Evans and Riverbend at just 18 years old. He then went on to play with Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, the James King Band, Tony Holt and the Wildwood Boys, and Melvin Goins, to name a few. Most recently, Moore played fiddle for Remington Ryde, a band based out of Pennsylvania.

Greg and his wife, Deena, whom he also calls his best friend, enjoy spending time together outdoors, fishing, with family and friends, and if you ask him he will tell you, he intends to play traditional bluegrass fiddle forever!




JACK BLANCHARD'S COLUMN at Music Charts Magazine®


For Mothers’ Day.

There’s something about a photograph.
Many people believe
that having your picture taken steals some of your soul.
I look at pictures of friends and relatives who have died,
and I can see that soul, especially in the eyes, the expression,
and even the body language.
I have a picture of my mother
taken at a holiday gathering during her later years.
She was smiling, and seemed to be in the Christmas spirit.

I’ve looked at that picture many times,
but a few weeks ago, I enlarged it,
and thought I saw something.

I hit the 200% button, made it really big,
and zoomed in on her face.
The smile was still there,
but in her eye I saw something unexpected:
A tear.

I sat back in shock and took a deep breath.
What could she have been thinking?
Was it a tear of joy or sadness?
Did she know that it may be one of her last family moments?
I asked her that question aloud,
but the photograph didn’t answer.

I’m sure we were all enjoying the moment together,
but at the same time, taking it for granted.
You always think there will be many more.
Now I realize my mother was not taking that moment for granted.

I keep going back to look at the photo,
even though it’s burned into my mind,
and my heart.

When I discovered the tear behind her smile,
I had tears to match hers.
We spoke to each other beyond the limits of time and space.

There is soul in a photograph.


Jack Blanchard.


Copyright © Jack Blanchard 2005 to 2016

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan… Grammy & CMA Award Finalists. Billboard Duet of the Year. Home Page: Mastering & restoration studio: 407 330 1611

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan…
Grammy & CMA Award Finalists.
Billboard Duet of the Year.
Home Page:
Mastering & restoration studio: ( 352 ) 530 – 2068



 Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be - Today Show - Music Charts Magazine NEWS


Live “TODAY” Show performance followed by special in-store appearance at The Shop at Rockefeller Plaza

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016 @ 10:45am ET


Special Guest: Lauren Daigle


Award-winning Centricity Music artist, Lauren Daigle will perform live on NBC’s “TODAY” show August 2nd at 10:45am ET.  Following her “TODAY” show segment, Daigle will hold a special in-store appearance at The Shop at NBC Studios at New York’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Daigle will meet fans, sign autographs and take photos with attendees in support of the recent release of the deluxe edition of her debut album, HOW CAN IT BE.


HOW CAN IT BE, the album, logged more than five weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, and premiered in the Top 30 on the Billboard 200. It also reached #1 on the iTunes Christian Gospel Top Albums Chart with more than 360,000  album sales and 880,000 track sales, positioning her as the fastest-selling new artist in Contemporary Christian music in the past decade. Daigle has had more than 90 million YouTube and Vevo views, with approximately 300,000 subscribers.


Check out the following Lauren Daigle links for more information:


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Music Video – “How Can It Be”

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