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James Marvell and Buddy Good. 

The band – “The Country Cavaleers”

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“James Marvell” of  “The Country Cavaleers”:




Long hair, an anti-drug message, two well-known guys in the music industry, and the decade is the 70’s.  Who would have thought that two young men by the names of James Marvell and Buddy Good would became the original outlaws of country music?

James Marvell and Buddy Good appeared in concerts with Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty, Freddy Fender, Loretta Lynn, Jack Green, Johnny Cash and multiple other country music legends.   Country Cavaleer’s early recordings were on Cutlas and CSA Records.  Later, the duo was picked up by MGM Records.

James Marvell sang lead and Buddy Good sang harmony.  Both James and Buddy played acoustic guitars that were given to them by Grand Ole Opry Legend Billy Grammer.  During their career, Hank Williams Sr.’s band “The Original Drifting Cowboys”, with Jerry Rivers on the fiddle, backed up some of The Country Cavaleer’s concerts.

How they got there:

James Marvell and Buddy Good started out as a garage band in the 60’s and ended up as the band calling themselves “The Skopes”.  The Skopes were on USA Records, the same record label as the well-known band “The Buckinghams”.  “The Skopes” had a big song written by their manager John Centinaro and James Marvell titled “She’s Got Bad Breath” which was a success as well as the demise of the group since a mouth rinse company with a similar name put a stop to it. 

From there, James Marvell and Buddy Good joined the mega hit band “Mercy” which not long afterwards skyrocketed up the charts in Billboard, Cash Box and Record World Magazine to number 2 with the million seller hit song “Love Can Make You Happy”.  “Love Can Make You Happy” was written by Jack Sigler Jr. and became the number 2 song under “The Beatles” number 1 song “Get Back”.  The year was 1969.


After leaving the band Mercy in 1970 James Marvell and Buddy Good went on to become known by many as the original country music outlaws, a decade ahead of their time.  An unlikely duo who’s odds were not high had a 3rd time success come to them as their new band “Country Cavaleers” was formed.

Country Cavaleers were known for their turntable hits singing songs throughout the 70’s like the “Stop In The Name Of Love”, the 1973 hit song “Humming Bird “and the 1976 hit song “Te Quiero (I Love You in Many Ways)” which were both charting songs.  Some other Country Cavaleer songs you may know or may have forgotten are “Sweet Yesterdays“, “I’ve Got My Mind Satisfied“, “Everett The Evergreen“, “Call Back Operator” and the Jack Clement original “Now I Can Live Again.”

The Country Cavaleers sang and played guitar on the Wilburn Brothers TV program in the 70’s which is currently in reruns on RFDTV.

James Marvell, former lead singer of the duo, is still at it today.  He recently won two rounds of The Texaco Country Showdown this 2013.  What will James do next?  It’s hard to tell.  One thing is for sure.  James Marvell has lived and is part of country music history.


The Father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe and James Marvell of the “original country outlaws” the 70’s band “Country Cavaleers” – James Marvell – Music Charts Magazine Celebrity Interview with James Marvell of The Country Cavaleers


I knew it at the time…… I thought about it while I was listening to this CD….. I’m thinking about it right NOW, and getting madder by the minute!!!

Eric and Leigh Gibson were about two hours away from my home doing a show at Byron Berline’s Double-Stop-Fiddle-Shop Theater in Guthrie, OK last year….and I missed it! I’ve been kickin’ myself ever since! Byron’s theater is intimate, warm and diligently refined for acoustic music. In other words, the perfect place to have seen the 2012 IBMA Entertainer’s Of The Year. And I MISSED IT!

I guarantee that won’t happen again…..

“They Called It Music,” their third, and latest release on Compass Records, was recorded at Compass Studios in December, 2012. Eric, Leigh and the “third Gibson Brother,” Mike Barber, their twenty year veteran bass player, produced it with noted engineer Ben Surratt behind the recording board. In 2011, The Gibson’s CD, “Help My Brother,” was the IBMA Album Of The Year, and there’s absolutely no reason why this CD shouldn’t be in the running for that title again.

With Eric on banjo and guitar, Leigh on guitar and Mike on upright bass, they are joined by long time band mates Clayton Campbell on fiddle and Joe Walsh on mandolin. According to Eric, the title song had been worked out and stage tested, but the rest were recorded with minimal rehearsal time. You’d sure never know it by listening! The band grabbed on to these songs and just took off! All the years of being on stage together have seasoned this unit and given them each a sixth sense for how the others are going to jump, move and sway to the rhythm of each song. The dual strength of Eric and Leigh form a middle ground that Mike’s bass just has to add propulsion to, and Clayton’s fiddle and Joe’s mandolin are like hornets darting in and out of the songs stinging your ears with solos and fills.

This recording really shows off the best side of each player, and “Engineer Ben” caught it all in the studio. While working on this review, the band’s press agent released the news that Joe Walsh would be leaving the band to follow another path, and in an e-mail to me from Eric, they wished him well and praised his work on this CD. Although Eric and Leigh have not named a replacement at this time, when the right one comes along, I’m sure he’ll be the “pick of the litter!” New members usually bring vitality, energy and new perspectives, so I fully expect the next incarnation of The Gibson Brother’s Band to be even better than this one.

An even dozen songs are the result of last December’s sessions. Six are originals, and the other six are by such well known and noted writers as Loretta Lynn and Shawn Camp, Joe Newberry, Mark Knopfler, Austin Taylor, Roy Hurd and Elizabeth Hill, and J.L. Frank and PeeWee King. Each one is distinct and interesting in it’s own way. Knopfler’s “Daddy’s Gone To Knoxville” is a favorite. “Home On The River,” by Austin Taylor, dating back to 1913, shows just how superb Eric and Leigh carry the gospel message musically. Their duet on this one is zealous and contagious. You’ll be wanting to sing and clap along from the front pew!

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Unique Summer Program Brings Together Youth With Outstanding Artists And Music Industry Professionals

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (June 25, 2013) — The GRAMMY Foundation® ( announced today that 99 talented high school students from 87 U.S. cities and 27 U.S. states have been selected as participants in the ninth annual GRAMMY Camp® program. In addition, through a partnership with GUCCI, four international students from Japan and England will attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, bringing the total number of students to 103 this year. The Foundation’s signature music industry camp for U.S. high school students will be held in Los Angeles from July 13–22 at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music and in New York from Aug. 4–12 at Converse Rubber Tracks. This GRAMMY in the Schools® program is supported in part by Converse.   “When we started this GRAMMY in the Schools® program nine years ago, we had very high hopes and aspirations for GRAMMY Camp ” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy® and the GRAMMY Foundation. “And I can truly say we’ve met our goals to offer young people a hands-on experience that delivers a sense of what it’s like to have an actual career in the music industry. Teens spend their time at GRAMMY Camp working with GRAMMY®-winning artists and industry professionals gaining knowledge and sharpening their skills, so they will be ready to take the next steps in their careers.”   Applications for GRAMMY Camp 2014 are currently online at and the deadline is March 31, 2014. Financial aid is available and approximately 70 percent of GRAMMY Camp participants who have applied for financial aid have received assistance.   “Almost every artist and music professional who we bring to GRAMMY Camp comes away saying two things — ‘These kids are so talented’ and ‘I wish I’d had this kind of experience when I was young,'” said Kristen Madsen, Sr. Vice President of the GRAMMY Foundation. “This underscores the collaborative and immersive nature of GRAMMY Camp, and the fact that the experience produces lasting effects and positive influences for the campers who participate each summer.”
GRAMMY Camp L.A.: July 13–22 The program offers selected high school students an interactive 10-day residential summer music experience. Focusing on all aspects of commercial music, this unique opportunity provides instruction by industry professionals in an immersive creative environment with cutting-edge technology in professional facilities. The program offers six music career tracks: Engineering for Audio & Video; Electronic Music Production; Multimedia; Music Business; Songwriting; and a performance track for bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocal, and winds & strings. All tracks culminate in media projects, CD recordings and/or performances. GRAMMY Camp L.A. will be held at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music and other professional venues throughout Los Angeles. 2013 GRAMMY Camp Los Angeles Selectees and Tracks

Zoe Adler                                Long Beach, Calif.                             Multimedia

Kelsey Alexander                    Orange Beach, Ala.                              Music Business

Wes Anderson                         Oneida, Ill.                                           Bass

Houston Averiett II                 Missouri City, Texas                         Audio Engineering

Hudson Barineau                     Houston                                              Guitar

Kellcee Batchelor                    Tarboro, N.C.                                     

Music Business Colby Benson                          Mililani, Hawaii                                  Songwriting

Harun Bonnett                         Brooklyn, N.Y.                                   Drums

Haleigh Bowers                       Chino Hills, Calif.                                Songwriting

Conner Broome                       Henderson, Tenn.                                Keys

Rachel Brothers                       Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.                 Songwriting

Patrick Bucknor                       Los Angeles                                         Electronic Music Production

Isaiah Carter                            Lee’s Summit, Mo.                               Drums

Ryan Casey                             Glen Allen, Va.                                    Guitar

Ben Cohen                               Columbia, Md.                                     Electronic Music Production

Elizabeth Cohen                      Los Angeles                                         Music Business

Zoe Concha                             Beverly Hills, Calif.                             Vocal

Carter Couron                          San Diego                                            Drums

Cael Dadian                             Poway, Calif.                                      Vocal

Daniel Davila                           Encino, Calif.                                      Music Business

Mark Diaz                                San Fernando, Calif.                          Bass

Shelby Dibs                             Howard Beach, N.Y.                          Music Business

Isaac Duribe                            London, England                                 Electronic Music Production

Sabrina Elam                           Baltimore                                             Songwriting

Hayley Emerson                      Beverly Hills, Calif.                            Multimedia

Brendan Eprile                         Bennington, Vt.                                  Vocal

Jacob Feldman                         Tarzana, Calif.                                     Electronic Music Production

Jennifer Firestone                     Chesterfield, Mo.                               Music Business

Sophia Forino                          Corona del Mar, Calif.                         Music Business

Dane Foster                             Los Angeles                                         Multimedia

Yasamin Ghodsbin                  Newport Beach, Calif.                         Audio Engineering

Wyatt Giampa                          Portola Valley, Calif.                          Audio Engineering

Zach Gospe                             Los Altos, Calif.                                  Songwriting

Alecia Greene                          Atlanta                                                 Multimedia

Rita Guzman                            Decorah, Iowa                                     Music Business

Raina Henderson                     Closter, N.J.                                         Electronic Music Production

Seth Irby                                  San Diego                                            Bass

Nasya Jeffers                           Owings Mills, Md.                              Vocal

Noah Kovalick                         Newbury Park, Calif.                          Audio Engineering

Mikey LaSusa                          Eagan, Minn.                                       Guitar

Devon Lawrence                     Mill Valley, Calif.                                Songwriting

Anh Le                                    Madison, Wis.                                      Songwriting

David Li                                   Chandler, Ariz.                                    Keys

Danielle Lowe                          Los Angeles                                         Multimedia

Wyatt Lowe                             San Marcos, Calif.                               Guitar

Kennedi Lykken                      Spicer, Minn.                                       Songwriting

Graham Marsh                         Houston                                               Audio Engineering

Jacob McCoy                           Nashville                                             Audio Engineering

Jonathan McCoy                      Wyncote, Pa.                                       Electronic Music Production

Evan Mehta                             Burbank, Calif.                                      Keys

Christine Meisenhelter             Aberdeen, N.J.                                     Bass

Devan Monroe                         Pearland, Texas                                     Drums

Autumn Myers                         Howell, N.J.                                         Music Business

Takumi Nakayama                  Shizuoka, Japan                                    Winds/Strings/Horns               

Tanya Orlov                            Redondo Beach, Calif.                          Audio Engineering

Pavlina Osta                             Port Orange, Fla.                                  Multimedia

Quinn Oulton                           London, England                                  Winds/Strings/Horns

Ross Phillips                            Indianapolis, Ind.                                 Electronic Music Production

Jason Saitta                              Chantilly, Va.                                       Songwriting

Tafari Salaam                           Beaufort, S.C.                                      Winds/Strings/Horns

Dorian Sanders                        Maryland Heights, Mo.                      Guitar

Ryota Sasaguri                         Kagawa, Japan                                    Winds/Strings/Horns

Julian Scanlan                          Mount Laurel, N.J.                              

Electronic Music Production Drew Schwendiman                 Summit, N.J.                                       Multimedia

Jahmori Simmons                    Douglasville, Ga.                                 Electronic Music Production

Aaron Spieldenner                   Normandy Park, Wash.                      Audio Engineering

Dominic Spitaliere                   Huntersville, N.C.                              Electronic Music Production

Tyler Talmadge                       Albuquerque, N.M.                            

Electronic Music Production Chloe Tang                              Phoenix                                               Songwriting

Camille Thornton                    Great Falls, Va.                                   Songwriting

Lilliana Villines                       Van Nuys, Calif.                                  Songwriting

Chase Walker                          Riverside, Calif.                                   Guitar

Marcus Wanner                      Nashville                                              Guitar

Maxwell Yi                              Houston                                              Electronic Music Production  


GRAMMY Camp N.Y.: Aug. 4–12, 2013 GRAMMY Camp N.Y. is a nine-day residential program for high school students that offer campers the opportunity to work in integrated industry teams. This real-world, hands-on environment will involve an in-depth look at the entire creative process from the first spark of original material through the promotion of a finished product, and will culminate in a launch party. GRAMMY Camp N.Y. will be hosted by Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, N.Y.  

2013 GRAMMY Camp New York Selectees and Tracks

Niki Bottoni                             Allentown, Pa.                                     Electronic Music Production

Cody Brady                             Sea Cliff, N.Y.                                     Bass

Brooks Brown                         Leawood, Kan.                                    Electronic Music Production

Michael Cappelluti                  Marlboro, N.J.                                     Keys

Mackin Carroll                        Huntington Beach, Calif.                     Songwriting

Lauren Craig                            Chicago                                                Multimedia

Daniel Davila                           Encino, Calif                                        Vocal

Isabella Englert                        Valley Cottage, N.Y.                            Songwriting

Michael Ervin                          Rock Hill, S.C.                                     Drums

Amelia Eversole                       Folsom, Calif.                                      Multimedia

Adam Gould                            Farmington Hills, Mich.                      Audio Engineering

Jadha Gunawan                       Sugar Land, Texas                                Multimedia

Abby Kanfer                           Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.                    Multimedia

Samuel Korycki                       Kalamazoo, Mich.                               Guitar

Logan Lawrence                      Arlington, Texas                                   Electronic Music Production

Michael Maple                       Ashland, Wis.                                       Electronic Music Production

Reath Neilson                          Pasadena, Calif.                                   Songwriting

Whitney Nixon                        Corona, Calif.                                      Audio Engineering

Angelica Pollard                       San Ramon, Calif.                               Multimedia

Victoria Pritchard                     Spring Lake Heights, N.J.                   Songwriting  

Valentina Rico                         Fort Lauderdale           , Fla.                            Songwriting

Hanani Taylor                         Columbus, Ohio                                  Vocal

Ben Thomas                            Philadelphia                                         Audio Engineering

Samantha Vick                         Seattle                                                  Multimedia

Kyle Ward                               Rumson, N.J.                                       Guitar

Isaiah Weatherspoon               Jeffersonville, Pa.                                Drums

Emily Weeks                           Atlanta                                                 Songwriting

Bobby Woody                         Baltimore                                             Audio Engineering

T.J. Wooten                             Tarboro, N.C.                                      Electronic Music Production  


The GRAMMY Foundation® was established in 1989 to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture. The Foundation accomplishes this mission through programs and activities that engage the music industry and cultural community as well as the general public. The Foundation works in partnership year-round with its founder, The Recording Academy®, to bring national attention to important issues such as the value and impact of music and arts education and the urgency of preserving our rich cultural heritage. In recognition of the significant role of teachers in shaping their students’ musical experiences, the GRAMMY Foundation and The Recording Academy are partnering to present our first Music Educator Award. Open to current U.S. music teachers in K through college, the Music Educator Award will be given out during GRAMMY Week 2014. For more information about our music education programs, please visit For breaking news and exclusive content, please like “GRAMMY in the Schools®” on Facebook at, follow the GRAMMY Foundation on Twitter @GRAMMYFdn at and join us on Instagram @GRAMMYFdn.

Robert Calvin “Bobby” Bland (January 27, 1930 – June 23, 2013), also known as Bobby “Blue” Bland, was an American singer of blues and soul. He was an original member of the Beale Streeters, and was sometimes referred to as the “Lion of the Blues”.  Along with such artists as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Junior Parker, Bland developed a sound that mixed gospel with the blues and R&B.  An imitator of Frank Sinatra, he was also known as the “Sinatra of the blues”; his music was also influenced by Nat King Cole.

Bland was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1981, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992, and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.

Bland was born in the small town of Rosemark, Tennessee.  Later moving to Memphis with his mother, Bland started singing with local gospel groups there, including amongst others The Miniatures.  Eager to expand his interests, he began frequenting the city’s famous Beale Street where he became associated with an ad hoc circle of aspiring musicians named, not unnaturally, the Beale Streeters.

Bland died on June 23, 2013 at his home in Memphis, Tennessee, after an ongoing illness. He was 83.

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Music Charts Magazine brings to you a Celebrity Interview with Josh (Joshua) Cobb of Legacy Five, Gold City and now “The American Three”

– this interview was done by:

Big Al Weekley’s(Americana/Gospel Show) which can be heard every Sunday morning on KRVN’s 50,000 watt “880 AM Rural Radio” –  located in Lexington, Nebraska. – “The Voice of the Midwest”


Listen to Josh Cobb’s interview by pushing play below on the red player:







A little bit about Mr. Josh Cobb

Josh Cobb with “Legacy Five Quartet”

Legacy Five is a Southern Gospel Quartet founded by former Cathedral Quartet members Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler after the owners of the Cathedral Quartet, Glen Payne and George Younce, decided to retire in 1999. Group members attribute their success to the changing face of gospel music and their willingness to adapt to it. As a result, the group has won numerous awards.

The group is co-owned by Scott Fowler and Debbie Bennett.

Legacy Five’s very first lineup consisted of tenor Josh Cobb (right), lead Scott Fowler, baritone Scott Howard, bass Glenn Dustin, and pianist Roger Bennett.  Bennett supplied a fifth vocal part in some songs, but when he sang, it was mainly for verses.  The group enjoyed great success with their first album release, Strong In The Strength. The group’s first Top 10 hit, “I Stand Redeemed”, featured young tenor Josh Cobb.  Cobb won the Horizon Individual award at NQC in 2000.


Josh Cobb with “Gold City Quartet”:

The Mississippi-based Christianairs were renamed Gold City in Dahlonega, Georgia at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve to begin the year 1980 with bass Dallas Gilliland, tenor Bob Oliver, lead singer Jerry Ritchie, and baritone Ken Trussell.  The group’s owner was initially Floyd Beck, who sold the quartet to Tim Riley, Ivan Parker, Brian Free, and Gary Jones.  Bass Tim Riley would replace Gilliland as the permanent bass singer in July of that same year. The group was an instant success in the industry, appearing on the main stage of the National Quartet Convention in October 1981.  By 1982, tenor Brian Free, lead Ivan Parker, and pianist Garry Jones had joined Riley to form a consistent nucleus that remained together until the end of 1993.  Mike LeFevre joined in 1985 to sing baritone, replacing Jerry Ritchie.

On April 28, 2009, tenor, Steve Ladd, announced that he would be leaving Gold City. On June 17, 2009, it was announced that Chris Cooper would be filling the tenor position.  It was announced in July 2009 that Josh Simpson would be leaving Gold City in August to go to college.  His temporary replacement was Curtis Broadway who played on Band of Gold dates.  Gold City Bus driver Jim Korn filled in on keys after the Band of Gold quit traveling with the group.  It was announced on August 11. 2009 that Aaron McCune had departed Gold City and a replacement was being sought.

Later in December, it was announced that Chris Cooper left Gold City and a replacement would be found by the end of Christmas break.  Over the Christmas break, it was announced that former Legacy Five tenor Josh Cobb would be joining the group, and former Ernie Haase & Signature Sound pianist Roy Webb would join as the pianist.  It was also announced that Tim Riley would be committed to full-time traveling with Gold City.


Current:  Josh Cobb with “The American Three”:

With select ingredients, a gourmet feast suitable for the most discerning taste, is the savory result.

Such is the musical recipe of three extraordinary singers; Josh Cobb, Sam Swerczek and Nathan Mickle.  In a delectable combination of uniquely American and singularly gifted vocalists, the three men have formed “The American Three”.

The vision of producer Vince Kavanaugh, The American Three is a group that strives to represent the entire nation in song with a spirit of hope and kindness.  A tremendous fan of the award winning Canadian Tenors, Kavanaugh set off to find three men in America who shared his vision.

Utilizing the tools of traditional networking and contemporary social media, Kavanaugh launched a search for three stellar talents who would become one voice.  After finding Josh, Sam and Nathan, an exhaustive search for material and months of rehearsals began.  The magic in the studio was undeniable as producer and artists heard and felt the titillating sense of hope and inspiration as each song was recorded.

With equal parts Broadway, Rat Pack, Pop, Great American Songbook and beloved classics, The American Three delivers a collection that will surely appease a broad range of musical tastes.  The album is reflective of the group’s live performance; steeped in the tradition of great vocalists and yet contemporary in production with brilliant onstage dynamics.

The debut project, One, includes eleven brilliantly arranged tunes, including the patriotic single, “We Are America (The Toast).”



NASHVILLE, TN – Publicity and industry executive Dixie Owen officially launches All The Buzz, LLC, (ATB) a Nashville-based entertainment agency specializing in Public/Media Relations and event management. ATB offers clients 15+ years of experience creating powerful and high-impact media campaigns on the local and national level. ATB is a highly respected, connected and passionate company with expertise in media marketing, branding, events and strategic planning as well as successfully building careers and projects from the ground up.
ATB delivers a unique and tailored media campaign for each client. ATB will focus on branding, building and establishing a solid foundation that builds careers – not hype.
All The Buzz is currently working with LEGACY, an innovative and dramatic web series ( as well as rising singer/songwriter Brian Davis, who is currently on tour opening for Valory Music Company’s Brantley Gilbert and MCA Nashville’s Kip Moore on Gilbert’s 2013 “Hell On Wheels Tour.” More client announcements to come soon.

Dixie Owen – Owner-President – All The Buzz, LLC

About Dixie Owen, Owner/President, All The Buzz, LLC:
Prior to forming All The Buzz, LLC, Owen served as Senior Director of Artist & Media Relations at Universal Music Group Nashville, where she developed and executed media campaigns as well as various award campaigns for artists including George Strait, Josh Turner, Lauren Alaina, Gary Allan, Sugarland, David Nail and Laura Bell Bundy among others. Before joining UMG, the Texas A&M University alum spent eight years at Capitol Records Nashville where she created and implemented the media campaigns that launched the careers of Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan as well as creating the media strategy which successfully introduced Grand Ole Opry member Darius Rucker in to the country music community. She also worked on media campaigns for Little Big Town, Keith Urban and the legendary Kenny Rogers among others.
Owen’s career also included three years as senior publicist at CMT: Country Music Television working on media campaigns for the successful media launch of CMT Video Music Awards and CMT Crossroads among many other shows and specials. She also spent four years at the Country Music Association (CMA) where she created and implemented media campaigns for the nationally-televised CMA Awards and the world’s largest country music festival, CMA Music Fest. Owen began her career working at Network Ink Public Relations – the first and, for many years, the largest independent public relations company in the Nashville music industry. The long-time publicist has planned, produced, implemented and worked numerous pr/marketing events including press conferences, photo shoots, media days, video shoots, red carpets (Grammy, CMA, ACM, CMT) in her experienced career.
For more information on All The Buzz, LLC ( ) or inquiries about representation, contact:
Dixie Owen
P.O. Box 23438
Nashville, TN 37202
Twitter: @DixieAllTheBuzz
ATB website and logo designed by CINQ Partners


Joel Crouse’s single – “If You Want Some”

First Music Video from Young Singer Who is Opening 16 Stadium Shows for Taylor Swift This Summer


NASHVILLE – June 19, 2013 – Show Dog Universal Music recording artist Joel Crouse will debut his first music video, “If You Want Some,” on tomorrow, Thursday, June 20.  The video, directed by Chris Hicky, features Crouse and his band setting up to perform and party with friends outside a convenience market after their tour van breaks down.   Check out the worldwide video premiere teaser here.  Pick up a copy of Crouse’s new single “If You Want Some” on iTunes here.
“I can’t really describe how exciting this is for me,” said Crouse, who recently turned 21 on June 14.   “First, I have a record deal and I’m working on my album, which is the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.  Then, I’m touring stadiums with Taylor Swift, which is awesome.  And now, I’ve filmed a music video and is playing it first!  It just doesn’t get much better than that.”
“If You Want Some” was written by Luke Laird, Jamie Houston and Crouse and will appear on his forthcoming debut album.  PEOPLE Country calls Crouse’s debut a “beer-drinking anthem” and Taste of Country proclaims the record is “just different enough from everything else on the radio hoping to engage younger audiences, but not so different that the traditionalists will be turned off.”  Billboard adds, “‘If You Want Some’ has an inviting groove that perfectly frames Crouse’s soulful country vocals, and his vibrant personality on the mic will make country fans want to hear more.”
Crouse, who recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut, will continue performing with Taylor Swift on her “Red Tour” through the end of July.  Each week, Crouse hosts #DressingRoomSessions on his website, where he posts a new video offering fans a glimpse of his pre-show warm-up on the tour.  To view the #DressingRoomSessions or for tour information, visit   Follow Crouse on Facebook at, on Twitter@JoelCrouse, and on Instagram at joelcrousemusic
Fans can see Crouse on the road at these upcoming dates:
JUNE 22 – Investors Group Field – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada *
JUNE 25 – Rexall Place – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada*
JUNE 26 – Rexall Place – Edmonton , Alberta, Canada*
JUNE 29 – BC Place Stadium – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada *
JULY 5 – Hollywood Casino – Toledo, Ohio **
JULY 6 – Heinz Field – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania *
JULY 13 – Met Life Stadium – East Rutherford, New Jersey*
JULY 19 – Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*
JULY 20 – Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania *
JULY 26 – Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Massachusetts *
JULY 27 – Gillette Stadium – Foxborough, Massachusetts*
AUGUST 2 – Civitan Park – Belpre, Ohio
AUGUST 4 – Headwaters Park – Fort Wayne, Indiana **
AUGUST 31 – Kearney Amphitheatre – Kearney, Missouri**
SEPTEMBER 14 – Sierra View Music Fest – Oakdale, California
OCTOBER 4 – Red Dirt Dance Hall and Saloon – Tulsa, Oklahoma
NOVEMBER 1 – Alliant Energy Center – Madison, Wisconsin**
*denotes opening for Taylor Swift
** denotes opening for LeAnn Rimes, The Charlie Daniels Band, Craig Campbell, or The Band Perry

Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. (January 20, 1923 – June 19, 2013), known professionally as Slim Whitman, was an American country music and western music singer/songwriter and instrumentalist known for his yodeling abilities and his smooth high octave falsetto.  He sold in excess of 120 million records.

He was consistently more popular throughout Europe, and in particular Britain, than in his native America, especially with his covers of pop standards, movie songs, love songs, folk tunes and gospel melodic hymns.  His 1955 hit single “Rose Marie” held the Guinness World Record for the longest time at number 1 on the UK Singles Chart until Bryan Adams broke the record in 1991 after 36 years.  In the US his “Indian Love Call” (1952) and “Secret Love” (1953) both reached number 2 on the Billboard country chart.  Whitman had a string of hits from the mid-1960s and into the 1970s and became known to a new generation of fans through television direct marketing in the 1980s.

In 1955 in the United Kingdom, he had a No.1 hit on the pop music charts with “Rose Marie.” With 11 weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart, the song set a record that lasted for 36 years. Soon after, Whitman was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry, and in 1957, along with other musical stars, he appeared in the film musical Jamboree. Despite this exposure, he never achieved the level of stardom in the United States that he did in Britain, where he had a number of other hits during the 1950s and 1960s. Throughout the early 1970s, he continued to record and was a guest on Wolfman Jack’s television show The Midnight Special.

After 1957 Whitman lived at Woodpecker Paradise, in Middleburg, Florida, a city located south of Orange Park, Florida in Clay County.

Whitman’s wife of 67 years, Alma “Jerry” Crist Whitman, was a songwriter and embroiderer as well as the daughter of a church minister. She died in 2009 as a result from complications arising from kidney failure.  They had a daughter Sharon, and a son Byron K. Whitman, who is also a performer and who toured and recorded with Whitman on numerous occasions.

Slim Whitman died of heart failure on June 19, 2013 surrounded by family at Orange Park Medical Center in Orange Park, Florida. He was 90.

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A BIG Music Charts Magazine Welcome to “KJNP” (1170 AM – 100.3 FM – TV 4) in North Pole, Alaska

KJNP 1170 AM  is a 50,000 watt radio station that can now be found with many other great radio stations on our Music Charts Magazine links page:


Click this logo to enter KJNP North Pole, Alaska – 1170 AM – 100.3 FM – and TV 4








When I was watching the new Mountain Man TV series on the History Channel, I saw Marty Meierotta sitting at his cabin in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Alaska.  He put  a large pole up against the cabin which was made from a tree.  It had an antenna on the top and one radio station was the only thing keeping him attached to civilization.  It was North Pole, Alaska 1170 AM KJNP.  They had his wife and kids wish him a good night and a safe return.  I was so impressed that I contacted KJNP and asked if I could feature their radio station at Music Charts Magazine’s website.  Needless to say, I spoke with two very friendly ladies who told me it was a gorgeous day in North Pole, Alaska at 86 degrees.  KJNP has a sod roof and has to be a DJ’s dream to work at such a historical building.  It’s America’s radio beacon of the north and rightly so.  Please visit them by clicking on the KJNP logo up above. 

Jason Rogers – CEO/Editor in Chief of Music Charts Magazine, Inc


History of KJNP:


Don, Gen & Judy Nelson of KJNP in Alaska

Co-Founders of KJNP, Don Nelson (deceased-May 8, 1997) and Gen Nelson (deceased-April 12, 2009) both came to Alaska in April 1956 with their daughter Judy and started their ministry in Steven’s Village.  Their sole purpose in life is to reach souls for Jesus.  After Don learned to fly, they conducted Daily Vacation Bible Schools in different villages and meetings in the villages as well.  KJNP was the result of a winter storm and the frustration of trying to fly into the villages to celebrate Christmas.  Their only way of touching base was getting on a radio station in Fairbanks and broadcasting the gospel message from there.   The response they received was great and they were asked to do a regular program called “Far North Gospel Song and Hymn Time” using country/gospel music interspersed with comments from Don and Gen.



KJNP AM is a 50,000 watt station and is on air approximately 19 hours a day. It reaches North Pole, Fairbanks area and remote villages in Alaska in the radius  of 200 miles in the summer and an unknown distance in the winter months.   An example; New Zealand in the South Pacific.   The format is Country/Gospel music, News, & Bible, Children & Family Programs.  KJNP Radio also has a Satellite Network that puts their programming of the AM station on local FM Translators watts covering Barrow and Tok, Alaska.  Regular FM Translators are at Dot Lake, Fort Yukon, Circle and Central Alaska.

Trapline Chatter is a unique program on KJNP.

Historical KJNP North Pole, Alaska – 1170 AM – 100.3 FM – and Channel 4 Television

KJNP-FM is 25,000 watts.  24 hours a day KJNP-FM reaches the Greater Fairbanks, Alaska area and remote villages surrounding.  It has a radius of 150 miles from our transmitters on Ester Dome (a hill on the out skirts of Fairbanks, Alaska) which is approximately 1600 feet above the average terrain.
The format is Classical/Sacred Music.  KJNP FM is an affiliate with Moody Broadcasting Network out of Chicago.